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This virginal is a copy of an instrument by Andreas Ruckers made in 1643. It is a so-called muselar virginal. Such instruments always have their keyboards on the right hand side. The strings are plucked in the middle of the instrument, which gives the bass a strong fundamental. Both of a virginal’s bridges sit on the soundboard. Due to the strings being plucked in the middle, it is very important to make the jacks in exactly the same way that Ruckers did. This means that a viltje is located on both sides of the tongue to dampen the strings when both the key and jack stop moving.

The muselar is 5 Antwerp feet long. The pitch is one semitone above 440 hz. The case is made of poplar, the soundboard from spruce. The keyboard is made of lime-wood with bone inlay. The upper keys are made of ebony. The jacks are made of pearwood, while the bridges are made of beech.

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